We create value across commercial real estate platforms by assisting and designing asset specific plans that focus on the core advantages of a specific asset.

We also provide strategic planning and site assessment for retail, and are proficient in execution strategies for growth, expansion, and site selection. 

We have experience and expertise in:

The strategic assessment, underwriting, and planning of day to day operations, cash flow management, leasing coordination and asset stabilization. We provide strategies to effectively monetize asset stabilization through repositioning, development, disposition, or refinance.

We are able to source properties often not publicly available and assist and perform due diligence functions in assessing asset value and potential. We are able to provide guidance in underwriting the asset and oversee the entire process of acquisition or disposition on behalf of our clients.

Through our years of experience we are able to provide and execute strategy for asset stabilization and provide a foundation for development and repositioning of a real estate asset.

TGS designs unique asset plans catered to a specific asset, and is able to create, provide, and execute national leasing, marketing and operational strategies.

TGS is able to source and evaluate potential finance requirements and available facilities as a function of asset strategy. We are able to assist in underwriting the asset value and oversee the negotiation of financial arrangements in relation to a specific real estate asset or transaction.


©  TGS Asset Management Group. All rights reserved.

©  TGS Asset Management Group. All rights reserved.

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