TGS is a focused commercial real estate company with a long track record of above average performance.

TGS was created to be a specialized commercial real estate company that would be able to design a unique and individual asset dictated management style differentiated by project and investor.

The main goal was to be able to utilize market resources to design site specific asset plans to each property and maximize the potential of each investment opportunity.

TGS was founded in 2001 in Canada, and prides itself in its ability to source out value added retail real estate product across North America, and utilizing reactionary strategic planning to capitalize market positioning, altruistic in nature, in order to provide stable, sustainable, long term financial growth.

The core corporate focus is centered around retail real estate including strip plaza, big box, community shopping centers, and regional shopping centers.

TGS has a fundamental hands-on management approach, that ensures each asset is dealt with in a distinct self-serving manner with its due attention. This management style allows for quick response times on an on- going basis, and facilitates our ability to react with thorough, non-hierarchical decision making, thus creating systemic efficiency. This management style lends itself to a specialized system whereby a prudent concurrent situational assessment can be continually updated in order to react to actual market conditions. In this manner, TGS is able to constantly evaluate and implement relevant asset specific recommendations from the dual perspective of management and ownership.

TGS ownership collectively, has over 30 years of experience in commercial real estate. This vast experience includes: asset portfolio creation and disposition, asset specific strategic planning, property management, asset management, leasing, tenant negotiation and coordination, project management, property assessment, third party commercial real estate advisory, and financial budgeting and planning.

Today, TGS works with local and international investors on real estate projects across Canada and the United States. TGS is responsible for sourcing, acquiring, managing, improving, and repositioning retail focused real estate projects and has collectively since its inception been responsible for over 6 million square feet of space. 

  • Founded in 2001 in Canada

  • 30 years of collective experience in commercial real estate

  • Sourced, acquired and managed over 6 million square feet of space

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